About Us

Our Mission

To move people to strive for God consciousness, liberty and justice, and to convey Islam with utmost clarity.

Our Vision

A virtuous and just Malaysian Students/Professionals/Diaspora in American society.

Our Objectives

  • Organizing discussion groups on educational, religious, and scientific topics
  • Engaging in social, charitable and cultural activities
  • Coordinating human and material resources of Malaysian Muslim community an avenue for bridging the gaps with Malaysian government 
  • Establishing relationship with similar organizations in North America with common mission and objectives
  • Promoting friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

MISG Leadership Structure: 2021-2022

Zabidi Yusoff
Houston, TX

Deputy President 1
Azhad Hafiz Mohd Zakil Hussin

General Secretary 
Usamah MohdZakir
Irving, TX

Media Director 
Jannah Veddin
West Lafayette, IN

Young Professional Director
Farhana Zabidi
Tacoma, WA

Youth Director
Huda Zabidi
Houston, TX

Vice President
AbdulRahman Salleh
Euless, TX

Deputy President 2
Nusayba Megat Johari
East Lansing, MI

MohdZamri Amin
Irving, TX

Deputy Treasurer 
Ainul Wadhihah binti Abdul Rahim
Maryland, VA

Deputy Media Director
Luqman Fiqri
Columbus, OH

Working Committee Members

Amir Aznan Razelan, San Francisco, CA
Amir Mahmood, Sacramento CA
Hadi Kumasi, Atlanta GA
Shafiq Abdullah, Pittsburgh PA
MasAkbar MohdHasmi, Claymont DE
Nazirah Mohd Khairi, Nashville TN
Zulkifli Yusuf, Dallas, TX
Ahmad Saifuddin Ahmad Fakhri, Nashville TN

Board of Directors

Zabidi Yusoff, Houston TX
AbdulRahman Saleh, Dallas TX


Deputy President 1
Azhad Hafiz Mohd Zakil Hussin

Deputy President 2
Nusayba Megat Johari
East Lansing, Michigan

Ex-President MISG Pro, Muhammad Fadrisam Asmar, Minneapolis, MN
Ex-Presiden MISG, Ahmad Isyraf Imrani Mohd Zakil, Malaysia
Ex-Vice President(Amirah), Husna Roslan, Malaysia

Our By Law can be found in this link

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