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    • Before you can accept payments, you need to connect your Stripe Account by going to Dashboard -> Paid Member Subscriptions -> Settings -> Payments

For Manual/Offline payment, one option is by using Zelle. Chase has an option of making the payment recurring monthly. MISG encourages this option as it will continue year after year until it is instructed not to. Please find a link of how to make a payment of $3 for monthly for membership $36/year.

  1. Zelle to for the amount, $36 or $10. Add “Membership” in the comment/memo.
  2. Or please find a link of blue “SetupZellePayment” is an instruction to setup a recurring payment of $3/month for $36/year via Zelle and Chase, so that you will not be delinquent when changes to a new year. SetupZellePayment
  3. Venmo to @misgpro for the amount, $36 or $10. Add “Membership” in the comment/memo.